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Faculty of Law of the University in Sarajevo was established by virtue of Act on Faculty of Law adopted by the National Assembly of People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 20 August 1946. This was the first faculty founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Three years later, after the University in Sarajevo had been established, the Faculty of Law became its integral part.

In the period between 1946 and 1992 the Faculty employed, for longer or shorter periods of time, 56 professors and 31 assistants. In the first year following its inception (academic year 1946-1947) Faculty of Law admitted 334 students, and until the year 1992 around 9,200 students had been awarded university degrees.

Following the outbreak of war in Bosnia ans Herzegovina in 1992 many academic staff members fled the City of Sarajevo, thus, being forced to leave the institution they worked for. National Assembly of Republic of Srpska on September 14, 1992 passed an Order on Secession of Faculties from University in Sarajevo and their Integration into University in Sarajevo of Republic of Srpska. Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Republic of Srpska on November 30, 1994 found that Faculty of Law met the requirements for work, thus, granting the Faculty an operating license. Professor Bogdan Loza, LL.D. was appointed interim dean of the Faculty

Since 2004 the Faculty has been housed in a new five-storey building of floor area of 3,992 m2. This modern edifice was built and equipped with the help of Republic of Srpska and was designed to meet the high standards of modern teaching processes. It has offices for professors and assistants equipped with personal computers, office intended for Students’ Association, mock courtroom, large auditorium on the ground floor, clasrooms for each study-year and smaller classrooms intended for tutorials. In adition, there are premises intended for library, faculty archive, student’s office and management offices.

Professor Radomir V. Lukić, LL.D. who served as the dean of the Faculty at that time invested tremendous personal efforts in raising funds and overseeing the construction process and subsequently the process of eqipping the building. Among the largest contributors were Government of Republic of Srpska and the City of East Sarajevo. However significant portion of the required funds came from the internal sources of the Faculty. Since 1999 teaching process has also been taking place at Faculty affiliate in Bijeljina – until 2010 in facilities of Primary school „Sveti Sava“ and afterwards in Center for Higher Education. Throughout this period, the Faculty received continuing moral support and material help from Municipality of Bijeljina. In the academic year 2010-2011 the Faculty set up another affiliate in Srebrenica which has been operating continually since.

Since the resumption of activities in 1994 twenty three generations of students have enrolled in undergraduate studies and three generations had been admitted in advanced degree studies – Master level. Furthermore, since the academic year 2011-2012 six more generation of students have enrolled in second cycle studes (master studies). During this period, total of 6,973 students have been admitted in the graduate studies, 1,306 of which received their university degree. Currently, there are 1,365 students enrolled in undergraduate programs (706 in Pale, 576 in Bijeljina and 83 in Srebrenica). 164 students have been enrolled in postgraduate studies.





Scientific conference on the occasion of the Day of the Faculty of Law

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Curriculum of the Faculty

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Academic Staff






Full Professor Radomir V. Lukić

Full Professor Goran Marković

Associate Professor Radislav Lale

Assistant Professor Sanja Golijanin

Assistant Professor Sanja Kreštalica

Assistant Professor Đorđe Marilović

Senior Teaching Assistant Brano Hadži Stević, LL.M.



Full Professor Stanka Stjepanović

Full Professor Ranka Račić

Associate Professor Dimitrije Ćeranić

Assistant Professor Svjetlana Ivanović

Senior Teaching Assistant Dragana Damjanović, LL.M.

Senior Teaching Assistant Tijana Baćović, LL.M.

Senior Teaching Assistant Đorđe Perišić, LL.M.

Senior Teaching Assistant Ivana Lazarević, LL.M.


Associate Professor Mladenka Govedarica

Assistant Professor Igor Petković

Senior Teaching Assistant Ljubana Kandić, LL.M.


Associate Professor Sanja Savić

Senior Teaching Assistant Mirjana Pupić, LL.M.


Lecturer Ninoslava Radić, M.Ling

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