Faculty of Law, University of East Sarajevo was established in the 1994/95 in Serbian Sarajevo. During year 1995/96 faculty is relocated to Pale, where he stand until this day in buildings built in 2004. Lectures ale also taking place in city Bijeljina. Until now, the Faculty of Law of 12 generations of educated law graduates.
The Faculty has its own staff which consists of 5 regular teachers, 2 guest teachers, 3 assistant professor, 4 teachers employed at the University, 2 senior assistants, 8 assistants and 3 assistants to workplace experience.


1. Plan 2007-08 i 2008-09

2. Plan 2007-08

3. Plan 2009-10

Teaching is carried out in accordance with the Bologna principles.

Position after the first cycle of the study is Bachelor of Law.

Number of students in the primary study: 1692
Number of students at postgraduate level: 129